Cunningham Chains

Smallest Cunningham chains of a given length. Numbers in red indicate smallest known, as opposed to smallest, and numbers in bold are those I have found personally.

See Dirk Augustin's Cunningham chain page for more Cunningham chain records — previously known chains taken from there.

Length Type First prime in chain Digits Found by
19 1st
2nd 42008163485623434922152331 26 Chermoni and Wroblewski, March 2014
18 1st 776208125345634679522109 24 Armitage, January 2021
2nd 773377687199227745520601 24 Armitage, January 2021
17 1st 2759832934171386593519 22 Wroblewski, May 2008*
2nd 8058978143544782179441 22 Armitage, January 2021

* Proved smallest by Sorenson and Webster, Two algorithms to find primes in patterns, Section 4.3 (arXiv).